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Fashioned For Success E-Book

  • Give your authentic self the one thing it needs this season: unleash motivation and YOU


    Includes an APPROVED feature from "The Worlds First Fashion Psychologist" by The Times Newspaper Dr. Dawnn Karen who is a pioneer in her Fashion Psychology Field® Recognised as the "Dress Doctor" by The New York Times 


    Your percieved "imperfections" are not defects but rather unique brushstrokes that create the masterpiece of you. But here's the paradox: through self acceptance is a concept as old as humanity itself, so many of us find it elusive.


    We hide the parts of ourselves we deem "unacceptable" like buried treasure, trying desperately to change them rather than embracing them. 


    Within these pages, this book addresses common everyday challenges encountered by many individuals. It presents accessible solutions that hold the potential to bring about transformative changes in your life.


    This book can empower individuals to embrace their authentic selves, boost motivation and personal growth.


    Readers will gain the confidence and knowledge to curate a wardrobe that reflects their true selves and supports their journey towards success.


    ✓Understand the link between fashion and psychology

    ✓Develop self acceptance

    ✓Embrace self love

    ✓Increase motivation

    ✓Eliminate negative thinking


    In the context of self identity, clothing serves as a canvas that invites exploration into questions of conformity, self expression, cultural identity, and gender roles. Do we wear certain garments to conform to social norms, or do we we use attire to challenge the status quo? Are our clothes a form of self expression, signalling our values and beliefs? Do our clothing choices reflect our cultural idenity or challenge traditional expectations of gender roles? Find out in Fashioned For Success our debut book...


    Even the front and back cover of this book are linked with meaning...

    Orange represents your bright, happy and joyful future that awaits. Whilst white is the authors hope for your freedom, peace, and embracing your "imperfections"​

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