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We're already making waves with our eco-friendly practices, but we're not stopping there. We're constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries to amp up our sustainable fashion contribution. Fast fashion and unethical processes? Not our style. We're all about embracing a greener, more responsible approach to fashion that sets a new standard for the industry.
Join us on this transformative journey!


Why we contribute to sustainable fashion

1. The fashion industry ranks as the second-largest polluter globally. Our mission is to care for the planet and drive positive change

2. At our core, we steer clear of unethical practices and dismal working conditions. We're all about promoting fairness and having a positive impact

3. There has been a growing concern about sustainability in the fashion industry. Many consumers, especially younger generations, are increasingly demanding more sustainable and ethical practices from fashion brands.

81% of global respondents in a sustainability survey, said that it is extremely important that companies implement programs to protect the environment. 


Our Contribution

1. We use eco-friendly inks which reduce our carbon footprint

2. Low energy and zero waste water

3. Use of exhaust printing

4. Non toxin inks which are biodegradable

5. Ethical working conditions  

6. We do not overproduce stock, leading to less waste

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